Lalucq and Tcherneva | FEPS Special Report | A Job Guarantee for Europe

Thursday 01 Feb 2024

Lalucq and Tcherneva | FEPS Special Report | A Job Guarantee for Europe

European Member of Parliament Aurore Lalucq and EDI Director Pavlina Tcherneva coauthored a special report in 2022 outlining a Job Guarantee for Europe. Elements of this report later appeared in the adopted EU Resolution on job creation and the just transition, which recognized the Job Guarantee as an essential policy toward that end.

“How can the EU create employment that reflects society’s needs?

As Europe faces structural unemployment, this policy brief by MEP Aurore Lalucq and Prof. Pavlina Tcherneva proposes the establishment of a public Job Guarantee for job creation in areas of unmet social need, prioritising care and environmental services.

The Guarantee would reduce the significant costs and deleterious effects of unemploymentwhile providing the labour force and public sector the capacity to tackle social and environmental challenges. Building on successful local initiatives, discover how the Job Guarantee can be an effective environmental strategy, creating millions of new jobs and supporting a just transition of the workforce!

The European Job Guarantee is ambitious in scope and scale, but it is also based on real-world experiences.”

Read the full report at the Foundations for European Progressive Studies site.