There are never enough jobs at any given time in any corner
of the world.

We can create them

This is the job guarantee.

Policy innovation

The job guarantee is a policy innovation that helps create full and meaningful employment for all via direct job creation. It is a voluntary program open to every working-age person who is ready, willing, and able to work. It provides living-wage employment opportunities in public service projects that tackle social and environmental needs. The program is funded nationally, administered locally, and available in every community.

Core principles Key features

Job guarantee support

Global support for job guarantee initiatives is gaining momentum as nations recognize the potential to ensure employment stability, promote inclusive growth, and address the multifaceted challenges of modern labor markets. Recent polls conducted around the world indicate bipartisan support for various forms of job guarantee programs.

Global program map

The map features examples of public employment programs (past or present) from around the world. Though none of them have all the features of the job guarantee, they point to different implementation strategies, best practices, and challenges.

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Living New Deal map

The New Deal of the 1930s employed millions of Americans in thousands of projects. The Living New Deal Map documents its enduring legacy and highlights the diversity of public works programs that can be completed with a job guarantee program.

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