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The Federal Job Guarantee Resolution

Representative Ayana Pressley(United States of America).

Today, we recommit to building a nation where every person can work, live, and thrive with dignity. The idea that all people should have a right to employment that ensures a dignified standard of living has deep roots in American history and remains an unfulfilled demand of the civil rights movement. Amidst the unprecedented pandemic, the employment crisis and a resounding demand for a more equitable economy, the need to affirm the right to meaningful, dignified work and a livable wage has never been clearer.

The right to a “useful and remunerative” job was the first and most fundamental right in President Franklin D. Roosevelt’sproposed Economic Bill of Rights. Sadie Alexander, the nation’s first Black economist, advocated a job guarantee to address racial discrimination against Black workers while improving labor market conditions for all workers. Martin Luther King, Jr. called for guaranteed jobs, and Coretta Scott King led a grassroots movement in support of a federal job guarantee.

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