Why is the job guarantee integral to the #DemocratizingWork manifesto?

Work in the Democratizing Work Manifesto is broadly conceived. It encompasses the human economic activities that secure the resources and social status of individuals, families, and communities. Over time, the nature of paid work has changed, often leading to demoralizing conditions and economic precarity. The existence of involuntary unemployment has contributed to these developments and further undermined the foundations of postwar labor relations, the social contract, and workplace solidarity.

The job guarantee recognizes that access to work is a basic human right and seeks to democratize it in the public and private domains by creating a robust labor standard for workers across the economy. As a public option for work, the job guarantee establishes the minimum standard for wages, benefits and working conditions, leveling the playing field in the labor market, fighting poverty, and reducing precarity.

A job guarantee is a pivotal policy in strengthening democratic institutions and empowering people to pursue socially and environmentally valuable work in their communities.

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